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I was wondering if there is any way to identify the extensions used in a workflow or workflow group without having to open each workflow on its own. We want to install only those extensions used in another installation whereby that installation contains many unused extensions.

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Hi @jkempelis,
of course there is a way! Why not build a workflow that does it? Please find attached an example workflow that lists all settings.xml of KNIME nodes in a folder and extracts the corresponding features.
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Edit: Just a quick side note: The workflow checks all workflows in the folder you provide and does not take into account which extensions are actually installed. If the workflow was built with an extension that was uninstalled later, it will still end up in the list.

Extensions.knwf (16.5 KB)


Hi @jkempelis -

Alexander has given the definitive answer here. But I also wanted to point out (for others that may find this thread in the future, if nothing else) that for workflows posted on the KNIME Hub, you can scroll down on the workflow page and see which extensions are required, as well as what version of KNIME they were created with. A handy feature!

See for example

Long story short, if you are able to use the Hub to share workflows, this info will be available to your team at a glance.


Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn ,

thank you for the workflow. Worked perfectly!

@ScottF yes! As we saw that it was possible in the KNIME Hub we wanted to “reproduce” it for local workflows. Nevertheless still analyzing all the functionalities of the KNIME Hub to use it more and more.

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