Identify months within a range of two dates

Can you help suggest on how to implement intended input/output shown below? Thanks


Hi @frmarquez

I was thinking of something like this identify_months.knwf (68.2 KB)

It works for dates within one year. If you have records from more than one year you have to extend the calendar data, and the logic.
Hope this helps!
gr. Hans


I “borrowed” @HansS great solution and tried a different way.(What i do not like is that I had to manually sort the columns at the end) Kudos to @HansS



Thank @HansS and @Daniel_Weikert ! Highly helpful :slight_smile:

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Just in case folks from the future (including myself) are looking for an alternative solution, I’ll park my workflow here:

Workflow info:

  1. Solution without loops to suit large datasets. (Won’t have to wait to iterate each individual row)
  2. For a longer period range where the end date may not fall within the same year, months that appear more than once are marked accordingly.

Sample results:

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