IF(AND Statement Nodes for Sport Analytics Project

Hey Everyone,

First time KNIMEr here. I’m completing a sports data analysis project and was wondering if there’s a node which will enable me to identify a data structure based on certain conditions (exactly like an IF(AND statement in Excel would do). In my project, I have columns of ‘fielding positions’ for each ball. When a fielder is ‘in play’ they are identified with a ‘1’ in that fielding position. In order for me to identify the frequency of each fielding structure, I need to be able to identify each individual structure in the dataset and sum this.

Any help or alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @tysonnlee

Can you please clarify what you mean with this?

It sounds like a job for a groupBy node but it would help if you could some share additional details, preferably a sample of your input in a workable format and expected output.

Below is the input. I’ve labelled each time a player is placed in a specific fielding position for each delivery (i.e. each row) with a ‘1’. Essentially, I need to be able to identify each individual structure of these fielding positions when they are grouped together.

Below is the expected output. This is a small sample and only consists of 2 fielders in different positions. Each structure is labelled ‘Structure 1’, ‘Structure 2’, etc… In my broader dataset there can be up to 5 different fielders for each delivery - hence I would love to use a tool that can automate this process instead of using IF(AND statements in Excel.

Columnaggregator Node can aggregate columns. Maybe this could give you the pattern in one column which you then can map to the structures? (You might need to use the unpivoting node later on as well)

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