If cell contains value, bring back adjacent columns

First time poster here, as I’ve always used the forums to find answers. However, I’m stuck on this one…

I have about 200 columns in my spreadsheet. As an example it has:

id | desc | option | price | desc | option | price
1 | Manual | standard | 0 | alarm | optional | 400
2 | Auto | optional | 1000 | brakes | standard | 0
3 | Manual | standard | 0 | radio | standard | 0

If there is an option with the value “optional” I’d like to bring back the column values for “short description” and “price” and ignore anything that isn’t “optional”.

Is this possible? Any help would be very appreciated as I can’t find any similar posts on the forum.


Hi Mark,

Welcome! One possibility would be to use a row filter to filter for “optional” in the column option. Subsequently you can use a column filter to filter the columns you want to display in the end.

Hope that helps,