If Else help required

Hi All,

This is Abhisek.

I am a new user to knime and unable to figure out if else loop here. Need to do if loops like, if column X cell is blank, take data from same cell column Y.

Except Java Snippet is there any other option?

Hi @Abhisek_M,

great to have you on board!

If you just need to “loop” over all rows then you can use the Rule Engine Node.

You can have a look at this workflow and see how it is used there.
EDIT: fixed link. You can also find the workflow in the EXAMPLES server under KNIME Example Server > 50_Applications > 13_Address_Deduplication


Thank you @johannes.schweig for the welcome.
I am checking Rule Engine Node.

But I am unable to access the workflow, can you check once please.

Hi @Abhisek!

The link is working now. Give it a try and if any questions don’t hesitate.

Happy KNIMEing!