If Else logic in column expressions

am trying to write a if else logic
howerver the logic seems to fail. The and condition statements don’t seem to work for me. I am referring to all string fields. Do we have a simple if else way to do things since this is frustrating.

my logic is
if(column($INV/Pelunasan Date$) = “” ){
“Belum INV”
else if (column($RALExpiredDate$) < “2023-10-01”){
“RAL Tidak Aktif”
else if (column($RALExpiredDate$) = “”){
“Tidak Ada RAL”
else if (column($RepossesDate$) <= ($RALExpiredDate$)){
“RAL Aktif”
“RAL Tidak Aktif”

Hello @lailikanabila,

if you don’t have any calculations you can use Rule Engine node instead of Column Expressions node. It is simpler. Check here for list of options on if else logic in KNIME with more explanation and links:



Hi @lailikanabila

To add, if you are going the column expression route be aware that the syntax for columns is slightly different: column("RALExpiredDate") instead of column($RALExpiredDate$)

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Also in column expression equal sign should be “==” as far as I remember (not a javascript guy just to mention that)

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