If function with vlookup

If ( L2<>“00000”, “Bank”, if(Iserror ( Vlookup (k2, " Cat Corporate’! A:B, 2,0)), if(k2<>“”, “particularly”), vlookup(k2, ‘Cat Corporate’! A:B, 2,)))

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Is this Excel…? :thinking:
Don’t quite understand what are you trying to accomplish. To avoid guessing can you provide small input and expected output and logic if not clear from data? This is proven to be the best approach to get help/advice/solution .
gr, Hans


@sundipsandy Welcome to the KNIME forums

Tried to rebuild this, but with just copying the formula in, this is simply not enough. Please provide some sample data

ps: with all due respect, a short description of your problem plus a hello bring you much faster to a solution than copy&paste an Excel formula without context. As much as I know this forum, if you woul dhave spent the 10 minutes explaining your problem, it would have been solved yesterday already :wink:


I would recommend looking at this problem along the lines of a step by step node solution rather than a replacement for an excel formula. Take a look at the below post and see if you can tailor it for your conditional requirements.

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