If Then write to XLS

Hello Knime Fans,

I am trying to figth with one XLS table and one simple math rule. The idea is:

1. I have a xls table with 3 columns: Product Number | Rating | Scores

For example:                                     1 | 10 | 40

                                                          2 | 12 | 80

                                                          3 | 15 | 70

2. This table is cnaging everyday, so I want to check it and IF the Scores are over 60, the Rating of the Product have to be increased with 33%.

IF Scores(Product1) > 60

   THEN Rating(Product1) = Rating(Product1) + Rating(Product1)*33/100

3. Update the new result in a table.

I tried with Math Formula but I couldn`t find If statement with an action, I found If statement with writing 1 or 0 in a new column.


How can I make it in Knime?

Can you help in this, please?





Hello Vlady,

I would do it with 3 steps:

  1. Use a Row Splitter to split the table into those with over 60 and the rest.
  2. Those over 60 get a Math Formula (btw: Rating(Product1)*1.33 does the same).
  3. Concatenate the two branches again.


Hi Ferry,

I will try it.


Thank you