ilastik headless node tiff bugfix

I’m using the ilastik integration regularly and it is really a wonderful tool. However there is one thing that could be improved I think. In the configuration menu there is the option to check the box for “TIFF Bugfix”. By default this box is always checked. Even if I uncheck it and save the workflow in that state after restarting the workflow it is checked again. The problem is that when I forget to uncheck this box before I run the workflow (unfortunately this happens often) it causes the node to throw an error and the execution of the workflow is aborted. I’ve tried to use a workaround by creating a boolean flow variable set to false to control this option via the flow variable tab. That works, the workflow is saved with these settings but when I open it next time the selection for that flow variable is gone and has to be selected again. I wonder if there would be a way to fix this.


Hello @COS_HD1 , we’ve opened up an internal ticket for this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

internal ticket number: AP-20496 @ScottF

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