Ilastik integration version

I’ve been using the Image Processing - Ilastik Integration for a while now, but checking from which update site I got it (in order to install the same on a different computer), I noticed that my local installation has the version:


whereas the only version I could find on the nightly builds update site is:


Could you help me explain? How can I get the 0.4.1 version on a new installation now?

Hi @imagejan,
Sorry for the confusion, we released 0.4.1 on the nightly update site but decided to roll that release back as we decided against shipping that code. So I reverted the code and 0.3.6 is the latest version. The difference of those two is that 0.4.1 contained an experimental ImageJ2 plugin based Ilastik integration. It turned out to be too troublesome to use so that is why it is no longer there.

That’s a pity. The new ImageJ2 nodes (with the possibility to save to disk for training) looked quite promising and would have helped to avoid having an Image Writer node in parallel to the Pixel Classification node in my workflows…

Any plans to resurrect/reintroduce the IJ2 plugin nodes in the future?