Ilastik - system cannot find .ilp file selected in configuration

I’m setting up a workflow sending single channel tiffs to an Ilastik headless node that was trained on single channel tiffs. I configured the node to run the .ilp file I trained. However, when I try to execute the node, I get this error:
“Execute failed: Cannot run program “C:Program Files\ilastik-1.1.8-win64.exe” CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified”

I was obviously able to select the file when I configured the node, so I can’t understand why Knime is telling me it can’t find it. I also saved a copy of the ilp file to my desktop and get the same error. Any ideas??

I think the problem is not that the .ilp file can not be found by KNIME. The error message refers to the ilastik executable. If you want to use ilastik headless node in a workflow you have to point KNIME first to the path where you’ve installed ilastik. In your case it should be the path of

ilastik-1.1.8-win64.exe. You can find these settings in the KNIME preferences. I’ve attached a picture.



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