im having problems with the cell replacer even if i know it has the proper cells

hello i am trying to use the cell replace node as a “dictionary” basically checking 2 numbers (that are now strings) and it refuses to give me the result of it it always comes as missing any ideas on why this problem might be happening??

Limpesa de Data.knwf (35.3 KB)
the important columns are (on “serviço td cidd”) are “cod.LC” and “Município atribuido…” (on theGalloro_) are “COD_FED”, “COD_MUN” and “ISS_ALQ”

if i compare cod.LC with COD_FED it gets me the ISS
BUT if i use Município atributo, it does not work with FED OR MUN, no matter what i do it does not give me the ISS that would be in that row

thank you for your time

Hi @Bleck , unfortunately your data files aren’t inside your workflow so the data hasn’t been included. Could you maybe re-run your workflow and then re-export but don’t tick (i.e. untick) the “Reset workflow before export”, and upload it here again. thanks :slight_smile:

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Apologies i did exported again, tell me if this one works
Limpesa de Data.knwf (665.0 KB)

sorry for my mistake

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Hi @Bleck , thank you for re-uploading. I can now see the data.

In the two Cell Replacer’s that are returning “missing”, (node 24 and node 21 in the picture) you are trying to lookup values contained in “Município atribuido…” where they are found in COD_MUN.

but when I manually look in those columns I cannot see any matching values, so this is why the Cell Replacer is returning “missing”.

If I use a Joiner to join between those two columns, it returns an empty table so there are no values that are common to the two.

Cell Replacer will only find exact matches, so what values are you expecting it to match, or am I not understanding what it is you are trying to do?

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but they have, unless is something on the string? like some how it saved wrong, but here is an example of 2 values that are the same
so unless it has a secret space after one of them or something like that i dont know why the Knime is not counting this 2 as the same (does Knime even count spaces after a word as separated values?)
(also node 21 and 26 where for tests since i was not able to do on the main node 11 since it was suppose to be where all i need is to change the parameters and get the second table i need )

Hi @Bleck ,

Well… it does… :wink:

I’ve identified that some of your text does contain additional “space” characters, but these are “non-breaking spaces” I think, and have presumably been introduced in your source data.

If you cannot fix the data at source, a String Manipulation node can remove them with the following expression:


I don’t know if all the columns have these characters at the end but I just added some String Manipulations for each column used by the Cell Replacer. You may need to add others, and maybe some aren’t required. I don’t know if there are any other “odd” characters that you’ll need to remove too.

Limpesa de Data - 2.knwf (693.6 KB)


thank you very much for the help and i will keep in mind for this in the future

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