Image(Data) Augmentation - ImageDataGenerator


Do we have any node or extension that can help in Image (Data) augmentation on fly to help increase the training dataset? I know that Keras has option for the same in Python known as ImageDataGenerator.

There is also a similar thread on this topic but I couldn’t find answer there either.


Hi @Jyotendra,

As @DaveK has already mentioned in the thread that you are linking to, it would be best to use Keras’ ImageDataGenerator on Python side.

We currently don’t have nodes or component that would do image-related data augmentation but it is an interesting use-case for the next iteration of KNIME Image Processing: Thank you for bringing this up!


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I have used a different way for Image augmentation to increase the number of images.
Started with image to Data Row and increased data by SMOTE and put images back by Data Row to Image. It worked well for my case and trained model achieved to predict validation data.

It works fast and better after the preprocessing of images.

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