image in Meta Information

Is it possible to display an image in the first page of a workflow, where the Meta Information is shown?

Hi @corocla!

Workflow descriptions will be available in the WebPortal once you edit your workflow metadata. In the most recent KNIME version (4.0), you can edit workflow meta-information directly on the workflow view. With previous version, you can edit the meta information by right clicking in the workflow in the explorer and selecting “Edit meta information”.

Now, if you want to have images displayed in the meta information page: As far as I know, it is not possible to upload images in the workflow meta-information. Would you need to have a different image for each workflow?


I would like to show an image when I select the directory that contains the workflows. I could describe the workflows inside the directory with simple text, but an image would be nicer. Is there any way to include an image?

Hi there,

It’s not possible to include an image at this point. But we’ve added it to the list of feature requests.