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There is so much value to be gained from this simple addition. Inserting images would allow additional context info (business cases, process schematics, etc). that can help build better understanding… thereby increasing solution transparency. Overall, a more likely situation for broader adoption by the business (Deployment). When will this feature be available?


Ben Westphal
Forest Grove


Hello @ben_westphal,

I have added +1 on related ticket. See here:

When there will be any news someone will update this topic.



Good points. I enjoy most the piece about adoption. Showing someone a picture of a database diagram with wireframes and even visualizations and overlaying KNIME on top of it… It has helped me bridge massive gaps in other ETL products in corporations that have never once had someone do ETL on a laptop. It was like a powerpoint prez and the actual ETL all in one space. I do this with KNIME now with floating windows :confused: it’s not too bad :slight_smile: offers good space for screen captures and if it’s multi workflow then things get much nicer than alteryx. however it’s more of a “i know i can do this and do it a lot which makes it easier” kind of things.

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