Image intensity measurements in time lapses

I am learning Knime and I have been unable to construct my workflow despite all the help available on the Knime website. Advices will be appreciated.

The datasets are confocal images multi-channel (4 colors) time lapse (T=30). Therefore 30x4=120 images per timelapse.  I need to calculate the mean grey value for each of these images.  I used the Image Feature node for that, but I have been unable to get the mean grey level for each images, only the first image of the timelapse.  I understand I need to split the dataset so that I get multiple rows first.  I tried the splitter node but I get multiple columns, not multiple rows.

Any suggestions?  Perhaps I missed information already present in the tutorials?  Many thanks!


I solved this by using Slice loop start, Feature Calculator and Loop end nodes.  :-)

Oh, perfect. :-) Let us know if we can further help!