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I have a question I am new to knime image processing first of all I have images of dog and cat and want to create a model for it for the difference of cat and dogs what’s steps are required to do

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This is a classical deep learning task. Hence, I would suggest to follow instructions on to set up your KNIME installation and take a look at the following workflows:

Let us know if you have more specific questions.

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Thanks sir for the suggestion of repository of knime - 04_cats_and_dogs I have already tried it but if I want to create my own what steps I should follow because I am doing it for the research purpose

If you would like to train the same model (VGG16) on different data, you will have adapt the 01_Preprocess_image_data workflow. The Rule Engine node in this workflow creates one label per image based on the position of the table in this case. At this point, you will have to assign labels to your new input images.

If you would like to change the network topology, you can either use Python using the DL Python Network Creator) or the Keras layer nodes as I have done in this workflow:

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Thanks you sir I will try it and than will inform you and thank you so much for your kind response


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