Image Reader Problem in KNIME 3.6.0

Hey guys,

I have a problem when trying to use an older workflow (created using KNIME 3.4.2) in KNIME 3.6.0. The Image Reader (Table) node is unable to read from a remote location. I attached a screenshot to this post, as well as the corresponding lines from the log file. One note: the List Files node works just fine with the exact same remote location. So I think it is more of a KNIP problem than a KNIME problem.


KNIME Log File.txt (87.6 KB)

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Hi @ImNotGoodSry,
I am sorry you are encountering this bug. To support knime:// uris we switched the way the Image Reader (Table) resolves the paths given to it. It no longer supports remote file:// uris, as they are not really spec conform. I suspect that the uris point to an FTP server? If this is the case, just switch out the file:// with ftp://


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