Image reader randomly rotates images

I imported 5 images first throught the table method, and then also with the image reader. In both cases the images are rotated randomly.

The images were all taken in the same orientation, and were rotated using the image viewer of microsoft. I know this is not the best software to do it, but other programs open them just fine, in the rotation I want them.

Out of 5 images 3 images are in the original rotation the picture was taken, 180 degrees turned compared to my prefered rotation. 1 is rotated 90 degrees to the right from my prefered orientation, and 1 image is rotated 90 degrees to the left of my prefered orientation.

Anyone else that had this problem, or knows a solution? As a work around I know there is the image rotator, but I don't see that working when rotation angles are randomly distributed.

oh wow. Is the rotation consistent? So each time you execute the node the rotation is the same? Can you provide the images such that I can reproduce the problem?

As per confidentiallity I unfortunately can't send you the images. The rotation is however consistent. I restarted KNIME, even tried in a new Workflow. I will try with a random image, and rotate that to see if it reproduces the problem as well.

I had another look, and for some reason on the device I took them they are rotated as KNIME shows them, while my image viewer shows them in the orientation I want them.

maybe your image viewer keeps some meta information about the images or even the rotated images somewhere? I suppose thats the problem. phew ... this would have been a crazy bug in SCIFIO... :-)