Image Resize

I’m trying to create a workflow to resize a batch of images from their current size to specified axes dimensions of 2200 x 2200 to meet a customer’s specs. Is it possible to read the original images from a file, have them resize and write to a new file all within knime? My knime knowledge level is basic at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

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If you look at this topic it should get you moving in the right direction:


@ArjenEX, thanks. I’ve looked at this workflow and tried to implement it for my needs, but my knowledge level is basic and I need further explanation on what each node accomplishes. I’ve un-grouped my image dimension parameters and done the math to re-establish the x & y axes but it appears the Table Row to Variable node is more specific to the needs of the person that inquired about that solution. If I’m on the right path, I think my next step would be to pull the adjusted dimensions back in somehow and push that through the Image Resizer or some other node. However, I may be totally off track.

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