Image ROI

Hello everyone,

I have some pictures, and I´m trying to extract manually the ROI (IM1, the ROIs are the tiles in the middle)
with the “interactive annotator” node. The problem comes when I use segment cropper node to separate the parts because it changes the colour. Do I have a way to get the ROI but with the exact same colour?

Hi jordidomingo,

The problem is that you only set an labeling for the first channel of the image and the segment cropper will crop away the other channels. A quick easy hack is to crop the labeling to only include the channel where you specified the ROI and feed this 2D labeling into the segment cropper.
I created a small workflow which does it:

Image_ROI_color.knwf (86.9 KB)

I hope this helps,


Thanks!! Your workflow helped me a lot!