image spliting

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I’m looking for a node to split an image to several images to create a 2*3 table, i.e. to split the image to 6 images. I tried the splitter node but not sure how to work out the x y z parameters. I’m wondering if anybody knows how to sort out this?


Hi @naraj
I am not sure this is your question, but for example, suppose I have an image with X = 27, Y = 10, if I want splitting X component to 3 and the Y component to 2, set X in “Splitter” as 27/3 = 9 and Y as 10/2 = 5.


Great! thanks for that!
I also considered 3 for Chanel number (R, G, B) which was also the issue.
Now the other issue is how to save the generated images as jpg or png files!


  • OK, got it, I can use the image writer node…

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