Image to Report, BIRT error

Hello all,
I am trying to bring an image into a BIRT report via “image to report”.

With the image it always shows me only a number code when I generate the report, with the table it works without problems.Export to .pdf or .pptx same error.

I use the newest Knime version with default settings.

test_img_report.knwf (17.3 KB)

What am I doing wrong?

Many greetings

Hi @sabsab -

Inserting images generated by a KNIME Javascript node into a BIRT report can be a bit tricky. I’d refer you to this section of our documentation that shows you how to insert a dynamic image: KNIME Report Designer User Guide

You will also want to adjust the settings of the Image to Report node in your workflow, as by default it generates a 100x100 image, which is usually not very readable :slight_smile:

I updated your workflow to show you. It’s still not very pretty of course, but maybe gives you the idea:
test_img_report_SF.knwf (33.0 KB)

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Hi @ScottF

Thanks for the example and again the reference to the user guide. For this procedure I needed a little longer to understand it: Grid > Image > Dynamic image > Select Image Data > Data Set > Choose Image

But now everything works fine!

Thanks a lot and greetings

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