ImageJ Macro node

When I try to include the "ImageJ Macro" node in my workflow I can't open the configuration dialog and only get the message: " The dialog cannot be opened for the following reason: No column in spec compatible to "RealImageValue". I connected the Macro node directly to the output port of an  "Labelling to Image" node. Any idea why this doesn't work?



Hi Christian,

"RealImageValue" indicates that you likely have an older version of the ImageJ Macro Node running on your maschine. Maybe you have also installed a previous (much older) version of the KNIME Image Processing? Image to Labeling comes from the current version. Perhaps you have two versions of KNIME Image Processing installed?

The current version of the ImageJMacro Node can be found in the ImageJ integration plugin: which you can also install using the community contributions update-site.

I just added a workflow as an attachment which you could try. The result of the workflow is non-sense, but it uses an Image To Labeling followed by an arbitrary ImageJMacro (Find edges in this case).

Hopefully this helps! :)


After updating it works now.