ImageJ2 plugin cannot be configured fully in Knime

I just created a basic ImageJ2 plugin so we can do Colour Deconvolution of images. When I run the plugin in Knime, it works fine, but only 1 @Parameter(type = INPUT) is made configurable in Knime. The other parameters are not shown in the Configuration dialog. They were there earlier any idea why this is not configurable?

@Plugin(type = Command.class, headless = true, menuPath = "Histo>Colour Deconvolution")
public class Colour_DeconvolutionIJ2 implements Command {
    //These are not configurable
    @Parameter(type = INPUT)
    private final Double R1 = 0.66645944;
    @Parameter(type = INPUT)
    private final Double G1 = 0.6332006;
    @Parameter(type = INPUT)
    private final Double B1 = 0.39355922;

    @Parameter(type = INPUT)
    private final Double R2 = 0.25378;
    @Parameter(type = INPUT)
    private final Double G2 = 0.737415;
    @Parameter(type = INPUT)
    private final Double B2 = 0.6259511;

    //This is made configurable
    @Parameter(type = INPUT)
    private Dataset dataset;

    //The output images also work fine
    @Parameter(type = OUTPUT)
    private ImgPlus<UnsignedByteType> deconvolutedImage1;
    @Parameter(type = OUTPUT)
    private ImgPlus<UnsignedByteType> deconvolutedImage2;
    @Parameter(type = OUTPUT)
    private ImgPlus<UnsignedByteType> deconvolutedImage3;
    //More code below here

Look forward to hearing from you,


P.S. The full plugin can be found here:

Never mind, I am an idiot. My code cleanup in IntelliJ had made the parameters final. DOH!


Hi Martin,

I couldn’t disagree more! It’s great that you got it working yourself :+1:


PS: I’ll try to catch up on the discussion over at tomorrow!

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