ImageJ2 plugin not showing in 4.2

I am developing an ImageJ2 plugin. In 4.1 I get the menu items I have created in the plugin.
In 4.2 the menu is not there. Is there anything changed in handling plugins?

Hi @boudewijin

Which mechanism are you using to register the plug-in? If you are using buddy classloading, then it will not work in 4.2. Don’t worry though, it should be easy to fix.
Can you share the code of the plug-in with us so I can take a look at it?


Hi @gab1one,

The code is at

Hi @gab1one,

Could you point me in the right direction?
Should we work with the plugin.xml and Factory stuff?
I hope we can just work with the annotations.



Hi @Boudewijn,

@gab1one is apartment hunting this week…

Just to get this straight: How have you deployed your plugin before? I somehow had assumed that you were using Maven to build the project, resulting in a JAR which you install it into KNIME with the preferences pane? Or how does your current setup look like? The mechanism that I have described before should still work with 4.2.

Please enlighten me! :smiley:


Nevermind my previous comment @Boudewijn. It looks like there is an issue with ImageJ2 Integration and no Command is discovered at the moment. At least that’s the case for me! Will investigate some more tomorrow…


Hi @stelfrich,

Any news on the issue? Indeed I deployed as you described. So it seems a bug in 4.2?