Imagen en cuerpo de correo

Hola, tengo una imagen de una gráfica, generada por una serie de operaciones en knime, ahora deseo enviarla como cuerpo del correo.
Estoy usando un nodo Send Email, tomo el grafico y lo convierto a tabla, luego a HTML y por ultimo a variable, asi:

Image to Mail Body

De antemano gracias por la ayuda.

Hi @wcifuentestigo -

Sorry for responding in English, my Spanish is not very good :sweat_smile:

Have you checked the KNIME Hub to see how other have used the Send Email node for similar use cases? I found a couple of workflows that may help you:

In the past when I have had to do this myself I favored the first approach, where you write the image to a local file in a temporary directory, then use its path in the Send Email node. It’s a little complicated, but it works.


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