Images to BIRT Report


I want to include pictograms to a BIRT report on KNIME server. I have a column which states which pictogram should be shown for which row. It can be 0-7 different pictograms.

I tried the following so far:
I could import the pictograms with the Image Reader and join them to my table. However, they cannot be visualized with the Data to Report node, as this is only for data. But the images cannot be transfered with the “Table To Image” node.


How do I import the images/pictograms best, join them to my data and visualize them on the BIRT report?

Thanks in advance!

maybe in other words: I want to generate a BIRT report with Chemicals and their properties. For each chemical I also want to list their GHS pictograms. So I somehow want to include the pictograms into the data table.

I managed the part to get the pictograms into the report:

However, it does not seem that with the Image Reader node I can include images which are uploaded to the server. I can only include pictures uploaded locally. Then I have the problem that I need to export each pictogram with an own “Image to Report” node. This does not allow me to merge the pictograms back with the chemicals into the data table. Any idea how to achieve this?

@Iris , do you think this question should be put inside KNIME Server category as it works locally but not on the Server?

I am not sure because I think the problem is the KNIME Image Processing nodes. I do not know how to use them. I can ask around.

Hi Iris, hi Victor,

I am also open to include the images using another node. However, the image reader was the only one I identified to go into the direction of what I need.

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Just an alternative fictitious use case of what I need:
"I have a table of cities and their properties like number of citizens, number of traffic lights, annual visitors etc. Instead of showing the city´s name as string on the BIRT report, I want to replace the string with a picture of each city.

Is it e.g. possible to include the pictures in base64 format and visualize them in the BIRT report?