Implementing License Management


Is there a recommended License Management solution I can integrate into my KNIME partner extension?

We want to offer a free community edition and a premium edition of our KNIME partner nodes. These would be packaged in a way similar to the free Palladian nodes and the commercial Selenium nodes. Does anybody have any pointers on how I would go about adding License Management to our premium edition? I’m interested in both the KNIME runtime software as well as the back-end customer management software that generates and tracks the licenses. Presumably this would be an Eclipse-based License Management System?

@qqilihq - any tips on how to get started?



Ha! That’s quite a coincidence. In fact we’re (with @danielesser) currently working on moving the Licensing logic which I’m using in the Selenium Nodes into a common, standalone library.

In general I’d be very open to give some insights and/or even access to the library. Would you send me an email to ? (might take a few days till I’ll be able to reply – sorry in advance).

– Philipp



Thanks Philipp! I’ve sent you an email as requested.