Implicit conversion by RDKIT can lead to a loss of chirality

Dear KNIME communauty,

I just noticed something strange when working on a SDF with RDKIT nodes.

For instance, when I use the canon SMILES node directly on a SDF input, the SDF column gets actually changed, as as the RDKIT icon is now displayed instead of the SDF one.

This is problematic because I cannot re-use the SDF column for a RDKIT from Molecule node, as the obtained molecules do not have specified chirality anymore.

I tested this with an original SDF file and a SMILES that I converted to SDF format, and observed the same results.
Interestingly, if one uses the bundled openbabel to convert SMILES to SDF, the chirality is not detected at all by RDKIT.

I attached a workflow illustrating my problem, so that you can see it for yourself.

Is this a bug or am I misundertanding something?

Many thanks for your help!

Jose Manuel