Import csv file from SharePoint Online with path flow variable

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I want to import a csv file from SharePoint Online to my workflow but unfortunately I’m struggeling to connect the variable import name with the csv reader.
There is a new csv file in the SharePoint folder every day including the current date in the file name.


What I’ve done is the SharePoint Connection on the top row and the definition of the variable import path (depending on the current date) below.

Unfortunately the csv reader node doesn’t offer me the created path in the variable settings.

The file reader node which is able to work with the path flow variable I’ve created doesn’t offer the File System Connection Port to connect to SharePoint Online.

Do you have any idea how to solve this?

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Hi @DanielPressler -

I think you need a Table Row to Variable node after the String to Path node in order to create the necessary flow variable.


you can also use the Column Expressions node with the new Path (appendToPath()) and Date&Time (today()) functions to create the file name as following:


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Hi @DanielPressler , what @ScottF said is absolutely correct.

You created the path up to the String to Path node, which gives you the results as a data output (table), however, you have not converted the data result to a variable. Just linking the String to Path to the CSV Reader via the variable port does not convert the data result to variable. It simply links the 2 nodes and share the already existing flow variables from String to Path to CSV Reader.

As @ScottF suggested, you can use the Table Row to Variable node to convert your ImportPath to a variable, which you can then use in your CSV Reader.

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