Import data from websites like Instagram to study Legal Documents

I was trying to import legal documents of Instagram present on their website. I was using the workflow mentioned in one of the forums but i am not whether the workflow could be used for the same or not. Please help me. - This is community guideline on instagram.
Instagram - This is Data Policy of Instagram - This is Terms of Use of Instagram
Nutzungsbedingungen der Plattform - Facebook for Developers - This Platform Policy on Instagram

Hi @elluranand and welcome back to KNIME Community Forum,

The webpages you are referring to are using flex display which means you cannot retrieve the content using HTTP Retriever or Webpage Retriever nodes. To get the content of this type of webpages you need browser based scraping which is possible using Selenium nodes. You can request for a free trial at the bottom of their homepage.

Here is short tutorial for the nodes.



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