Import from Excel, Export to an SQL Table

I am trying to import data from an Excel file and then exporting it to and MS SQL Db, and create a table on the go during the export.

I am having trouble finding how to export to mssql. Im new to Knime. Coming from Alteryx.

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Hi there @thunderbolt983,

welcome to KNIME!

For exporting data to MS SQL DB and creating table during the process you can use DB Writer node. On this link you can find and download workflow examples where this node was used. For example here is a simple one. In general for database operations one should use nodes from KNIME Database Integration.

For a bit more information regarding Alteryx check this topic:



Got the solution. Thank you for your reply. although found another way.

  • Update Knime from 3.7.2 to 4.0.+
  • Create user in SQL for Knime to access.
  • Give your newly created user db admin and other access rights.
  • Enable both Windows Authentication and SQL Authentication.
  • Use the built in driver for sql server.
  • and yes, DB Writer (Legacy takes care of all after that).

Took some time to figure that out, ofcourse got expert help in it.

Keep Calm and Analyse Data :smiley:


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