Import: "too many data elements"


I have been attempting to import data from a csv file using the CSV Reader node and the File Reader node. The file has more than 1.000.000 entries and the error message says that in row 1.104.807 there are “too many data elements”. Unfortunately, I cannot trim the file in Excel and I am not being shown the row in which the error occurred since only the first 1.000 rows are being shown in the preview.

During the third attempt the File Reader (Complex Format) has been used and now the error message “too few data elements” is prompted.

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This sounds like there is an additional column separator that makes the line inconsistent. You can try to use “support short data rows” - but this might compromise your line with the problem. Or you can fix the data source (or not use CSV in the first place).


Another alternative might be R/readr package:

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