Import TXT File Missing Value Error

I’m trying to import a txt file but it won’t import unless I specify the missing values for nearly every column. Some columns have an empty field to designate a missing value and some have NULL to indicate a missing value. Is there a way to designate both as missing values or at least let it import if it is NULL and just let go in the workflow and use another node to clean it up?

This is the error i’m getting:

Execute failed: For input string: “NULL”

I change it for one column then run it and get it again for another column. I have over 100 features so I don’t want to manually just do it for every one.

Hi Djturbine,

Which version of Analytics Platform are you using and which node are you using to read a text file? Have you tried using the CSV reader node?
Could you please attach a sample workflow to reproduce the error?