Importation of a matlab function into KNIME


As a part of my study, I would like to import a matlab function for signal processing into a KNIME Node, I tried to do it follow the example with l : Create a New KNIME Extension: Quickstart Guide. When I tried to import the node that i created in the KNIME workflow, a library error occure.
Do u have other ideas or suggestions for this error or a way to import this function easily without using any snippet ? I really would like to create a robust node.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards.

Hi @Cheva2272,

Can you please post the library error you encountered? Most likely there is something wrong with your project settings in eclipse, those can be tricky to set up correctly, but don’t worry I am sure I can help you with that.
Even better would be, if you could share your code with us, then I can take a look myself and try to identify the problem.



My goal is to implement some Matlab functions into KNIME, but to convert matlab code into java code, only a java package is generated and not a java code with only a jar file. My specific question, is it possible to import the java package into eclispe easily ? I think the problem of library come from the bad integration of the package into Eclipse. Is it possible to discuss it via e-mail ?

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