Importing a few select tifs out of a directory



I am experiencing some problems with the Image Reader node. First, it behaves somewhat erraticaly and does not always open, causes KNIME to crash occasionally and throws the error below. I am running the latest versions 1.01 on KNIME 2.6.1

I am trying to read a subset of images that might be out of focus out of a large set of images. I have list of file names, but the node insists that I load an image through the GUI and will not take the list as an argument, neither in the drop down menu "File name column in optional table" of the "Additional Options" tab, nor as flow variable. The images per se can be loaded and displayed when I determine by hand an image. What am I doing wrong? Could you please help? Thanks


ERROR  NodeContainerEditPart  The dialog pane for node 'Image Reader 0:230' has thrown a 'RuntimeException'. That is most likely an implementation error.






About the file list: I understand your problem. Sorry for that. Here is a little workaround: Just  read in your list of files, connected the resultin table to the Image Reader and start the reader without opening the dialog. The column gets configure automatically. Your files should be read in then. Sorry for the cirumstances. I fixed the problem now. If it still doesn't work or you need to configure the node somehow, you could switch to our current nightly build The changes will be available tomorrow morning.

About the crashes: Are you using MAC? We have some problems because of the GUI stuff MAC brings with it and we are working on that. If you are not using MAC, could you post a log after a crash?

I hope I could help you,



Minor update:

I started the "nightly built". Changes should be available in ~20minutes if you use the nightly build!

Have a nice weekend!!


Hi! thanks for the log. I will take care about he MAC problem! Nobody of the image processing guys here uses a MAC that's why such problems sometimes get fixed a little slower :)

About the file problem: Of which format is the file list? Just the filename or the complete path? Actually the Image Reader needs the complete path and the files should be one in each row of the resulting table (after you read them in using any reader, e.g. file reader).

You can have a look at the "List Files" node and the resulting table, especially the column "Location" for an example how the path should look like.

Does this help?

Another update:

I just googled the error message which came up in the log and this seems to be a MAC Java problem. There has already been bug filed at apple.

One solution to avoid the crashed would be to update to Mountain Lion (10.8).


Sorry that I don't have any better news on this.


Hello Christian,

first experiences in our computer departmen with Mountain Lion are far from encouraging, so I think I'll avoid that.

Anyhow, the fix you mentioned worked in the end. I had forgotten to take a new node that had not been preconfigured. I joined it and..voilà the images were there. Wonderful thank you so much.

I use the nightly build and the configuration has now worked nicely. Thanks a lot! You guys are doing great job!


Hi Marc,

the we figured out a workaround for the MAC bug. Maybe you can check out the latest Nightly Build of KNIME and test if the error message still occurs?

If so, we will go on investigating :)