Imprint in the CSV file readers

Hi all,

In my processing workflow, I am reading CSV files at different data processing stages. For every run, those files might have another number of columns and different information inside. Of note, although the data inside those CSV files changes, the data is always structured in the same way.
Here is the problem:
When the data inside the CSV files changes, the CSV reading node fails. The node warning indicates that I should increase the number of scanned rows or change the target types. However, the problem resolves if I open the node and click OK. Although I know how to solve the problem, it prevents me from achieving the automation of the workflow. In other words, I have been opening and clicking OK to each CSV file every time I have new data to process. How can I surpass this problem?



@VAGR_ISK with the new CSV reader you can use advanced settings to allow changing file formats. Of course you then would have to adapt you workflow to handle that:

Also you might want to check these examples:


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