In there KNIME v5 Beta where do you 'view' the ROC Curve

Using the new KNIME v5 Beta. Looks good but I can’t see where you view the actual ROC Curve. I can see the AUC figure, but not the actual curve.

Hi @Stuart_Hamilton & welcome to the KNIME forum

Can you share with us an snapshot of what you get as AUC figure or even better, upload the workflow that you have implemented ?

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Thanks - this is the ROC Curve expected (from v4.7)

In v5.0 you get just this:

Many menu items found in 4.7 aren’t obvious in v5.0 - such as where to export the workflow.

Not entirely sure but if this is the “other” gui interface? If you select the node and press F12 or click on the magnifier icon when you hover over the node?

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