Inactive branch propagation problem

Hello KNIMErs,

I'm experiencing some problems in the usage of If Switch and End If nodes (using KNIME 3.1.1). It seems that sometimes (unfortunately this behavior seems to appear randomly) the inactive branch is not propagated as due. As you can see from the attached figure, it seems that sometimes 2 input inactive branches into a Joiner node produce an expected inactive outport, while other times the inactivity is not propagated. This unfortunately results in the blockage of all the workflow.

Additionally I can say that if I try to open up the configuration window of the red lighted node it doesn't allow me, saying “Cannot configure nodes in inactive branches”. If I disconnect and reconnect one of the input lines of the red lighted node, then the node state is updated and the inactivity is correctly propagated.

Do you know to what it can be due this problem? Any help is welcomed.


Hello gcincilla,

I am not able to reproduce this behavior. Can you please provide a workflow that shows this behavior?

Thank you,