InclList flow variable for K-means

Hi I want to loop through a list of different combinations of variables in K-means and store some selected outputs.

I have a table with a comma delimited list of my different combinations of variables and I can see there’s a InclList flow variable so I am assuming this is do-able but I don’t know how. Can anyone share a workflow with this working please or let me know how to achieve what I’m trying to do?

Many thanks

Can you provide some sample data?
What are these selected outputs you’d like to store?

A basic loop would look something like this:


The specifics depend on what you’re trying to do,


What you’ve sent so far is really helpful. I’ll have a play myself with the Incl_list and shout if I get stuck (not sure if I use a comma delimited list or?).
The outputs I’d like to store are based on an aggregation of the results that meet criteria in a rule based row filter.
Thankyou so much

I used the column combiner and created a set of variables and that seems to be working!

So the loop worked but I aren’t convinced the table drove the inclusions… I shall keep trying but any tips on the configuration gratefully received.

It was my fault - I had underscore in the names instead of spaces. Thanks again for your help.

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