Include up counting Indexnumber in Filename or Date

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I am using the transfer file node to copy a file from a specified path to an backup directory in this backup directory are the old backup files and it looks like:


XXX= the filename and is always the same. The newest backup gets the Highest number so XXX_3 would be the latest Backup.

If the transfer file node is now copying a file to the backup destination it should somehow “know” that the highest number in the folder is “3” and give the moved file the name:

How would i do this?

Some additional hints:
The indexnumber of the file would always be the last place in the filename.
Alternatively one could count the numbers of files the indexnumber 3 means there are 3 files in the destination folder.
Or second alternative one could put at the end of the filename the date in the format like year/month/day.

Thanks for reading!

Hi @TotalDataLoss

I would use the List Files/Folders node to identify the names of the files in the folder. With that information create the next logical number / extension. See this example.
KNIME_project4.knwf (29.0 KB)

Hope this helps.

Gr. Hans


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