Including a different workflow in the current Workflow

Including a different workflow in the current Workflow;

I have an existing workflow and I want it to trigger another workflow when it is complete. (previously created)

I tried to call Local Workflow Node but it didn’t. I think I’m following the wrong method. Can you suggest a solution step to help?

How should a sample workflow be?

Thank you

There is no answer? from anyone

Hi umutcankurt,

what sort of data do you want to pass to the workflow? The Call Local Workflow node can only accept and pass on data in a JSON format which means you will have to transform your table using the Table to JSON node before connecting it to the Call Local Workflow node. The called workflow then needs a Container Input (JSON) node to receive the data sent from the Call Local Workflow.

If you want to pass an entire table to the called workflow I would suggest you try the Call Workflow(Table Based) node. Again, the called workflow will need an input node, but this time a Container Input (Table). With this method you will leave all the json magic to knime and only need to feed the Call Workflow (Table Based) node a table.

Maybe this screenshot can help you, if not, please don’t hesitate to get back to me with further questions.
Tobias U.


Hi umutcankurt,
May be you can try to merge the 2 WFs in just one and connect the last node of the first WF with the first node of the second one, using variable connector.
The same that allows to control the sequence of execution of different brench of the same WF.

I did several time, something like the image (sorry for the italian text)


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