Incorrect row filter results using a Boolean Field

Hi everyone,

I witnessed something rather strange today. I am using a Rule Engine node to create a new column, by defining rules that use a boolean field. When I filtered my data using a Row Filter based on this column, I found a discrepancy.

When I am using FALSE as a value of a boolean field, I am getting different results from the ones that I get by using 0. Now, 0 and FALSE indicate the same thing, so where is the error?

Has anyone else faced this problem?

Hi there!

Actually 0 and FALSE do not indicate same thing in Knime. To avoid confusion you can use Nominal Value Row Filter.

To see that 0 does not represent FALSE and 1 does not represent TRUE use Table Creator, create column of type Boolean and create rows with couple of 0s and couple of 1s. After execution all rows in that column will have value false :wink: