Increase font size in graphs (and change color?)


I might have missed something in the preferences menu, but I can’t seem to find an option that would allow me to increase the font size in graphs. It is too small for me. I have trouble reading
graphs if they are included in reports (word documents, for example).
For example, I would very much like to be able to hit a “+” or “-” button somewhere in a graph window increase the font size of axis or labels. Changing the color from grey to black would also be of great help.

Is there an easy way to do it? If not, I would highly suggest to implement that in a future release. It is also a matter of accessibility.
I think I am not alone here wishing to be able to do that?

Thank you for your answer,
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Hi @amarceauxdc,

and welcome to the Knime community. Depending on the node you use you can use CSS but I assume you use the new nodes. Maybe you share a screenshot or test workflow?

In case you use the new nodes you might want to vote for this feature request:



thank you for your answer. I do use the new nodes and am not familiar with CSS.
Thanks for the link. I now understand that the fond is indeed hard-coded and thus a smaller image (600x450 instead of 800x600) leads to a bigger apparent font. It is not optimal but it works. I have voted for the feature request.

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