increase java heap space on linux system

would like to increase java heap space, at the moment this is 434 M.

i have found a knimi.ini file [there is no .knime.ini as i saw in an other post on this topic]. Set parameters like this: -Xmx2048m and -XX:MaxPermSize=512m
however, upon restart, the heap space is still at 434 M. 

resources should not be a problem. this is an debian 64 bit system, using knime 64 bit, 16 gb ram, i7 cpu. however, knime is still sluggish.

how can i increase the heap space and put some chilli pepper into this program?




Your entries look correct. Are you sure you still have only 434MB of heap space? Java does not use all memory from the beginning but requests more from the operating systems are the application really needs more.

maybe it is just a KNIME interface thing. while i have not changed anything from yesterday, i am now looking at 620 M of 663 M status. is the heap space dynamically increased when memory requirements go up?

another thing i have noticed is that KNIME becomes slower when i have worked in it for a few hours or so. restarting solves the problem. 

As I said, Java does not use the complete amount of available memory from the beginning. The heap status bar shows the maximum used up to now and the current use.