Incremental Counter Based on Date and Time Stamp - Row Subset

I’ve checked various counter nodes - but I’m afraid I’m still a monkey playing with sticks here.

I have a subset of data that looks like this:

There is a column not shown here that holds FedEx tracking numbers. For this subset, the tracking number is the same.

I’d like to be able to count these from 1 for the earliest date and time, up to the last available row before the tracking number (i.e., the 3rd row), changes. In this case, these rows would be counted from 1 to 15, at which point the next row would be a different tracking number and thus would start again from 1.

Any pointers would be appreciated!

Hi @wisemanleo

Try to count the rows within a Group Loop. Where the column with FedEx tracking numbers creates the group. Or do it in just one node with the Rank node.
gr. Hans


Hi @wisemanleo , as @HansS pointed out, this can be done with the Rank Node.

Here’s how it may be configured to produce the desired output:

In your case, the tracking no. is equivalent to the ‘percentage’ column shown here.


Thank you @HansS, @badger101

The Rank node worked well using Activity Date and Activity Time as Ascending Ranking Attributes, respectively, Tracking Number as the Grouping Attribute, followed by an Ordinal Ranking Mode.


This produced the expected results:


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