Incremental database refresh -Date variable


I would like to implement "incremental refresh" for our datawarehouse database.

The logic i want to implement is :

-select max (Date_login) from LoggerETL

-select * from LoggerProduction

where Date_Login>$$max(Date_login)$$ (variable computed in first query)


I found out this approach to work but just for Strings (table row to variable) . Unfortunatly variable can be only

set to string/int values.


Any example flows which i could use with dates  ?





You could use two queries, one to extract the max-date and the other to parameterize the final query via flow variable. The first node would produce a column (and single row?) containing the max-date. This format is a bit tricky to handle as you need it to be in the right format in order to use it in the final query. Have a look at the "Time To String" node.

Hope this helps!

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