Indexof character position

Hi all,

I have stuck with the following problem.

In column Frequencies, I want to find the position of value "1000" and then the equivalent value of this position in column level.

For example (see file attached), in the 3rd row of Frequencies: the value "1000" is in 2 position (0-z positions), I will need to extract in a separate column the equivalent value of column level, in this case "20".


How can I do this efficiently?

I tried stringmanipulation indexofchars, but it doesn't work I need it. I wrote also an Rsnippet with a formula for index but it give me not the position of the "1000" as an item.


Any help will be useful.

Actually, I solved it. I took a "cell splitter" for the frequencies (split by comma) and the same I did for the Levels. Then I took a "rule engine" and I created a new column where I put the result of the levels from all the frequency columns that include the value 1000. I am just wondering, is there a more efficient way?