Indigo nodes are missing in KNIME Analytics 3.1??

Dear community,

I'm not able to find/install Indigo nodes for the latest KNIME version 3.1.

Thus usage of older download sites from versions 2.12 or 2.11 does not work.

How to install these Chemoinformatics tools?? I need them urgently for a number of old - but still usefull - workflows.




You need to use the 3.1 update sites:



Yes, of course these sites are already included in my installation!!

The Indigo nodes are missing at least in the stable 3.1 site.


I installed them from these links before posting...

Are you sure it is pointing at the stable and not the trusted? Indigo doesn't appear to be a trusted community contribution so is in a different update site.


Hi Michael,

link to update site and usefull information which probably clarify a lot can be found here.

Let us know, if you still have problems.


Best regards,